Palliative or End of Life Care

We understand you...

Having a loved one who is terminally ill could be very distressing and mostly unbearable to see how the illness is affecting a loved one. Our Palliative Care  is about improving the quality of life of our client facing a life-threatening condition. It includes physical, emotional and spiritual care.

One common fact we have discovered over the years of experience working with terminally ill patients is that the family and the patient want to live out the rest of their life in dignity, comfort and serenity as much as possible. This is where Ornate Healthcare comes in. We provide specialist support with the day-to-day chaos and care so you and your loved ones could make the most of your time together.

Palliative care at home allows you to stay in the place you feel most comfortable, surrounded by memories and the people you love. With the one-to-one support of a compassionate carer, who is experienced in palliative care, you are guaranteed of specialist support whenever needed.

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