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Domestic / Personal Assistant

Due to age or health situation, we sometimes find it a bit difficult or hard to do the normalhouse chaos we would normally do with ease. This could become frustrating to you or your loved one. To be able to ask for help when struggling is a sign of strength and not weakness.

It might be a liitle assistance with cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, preparing delicious meals or running errands, etc. We have experienced and very polite team who are all DBS certified and willing to do all those duties in order to ease the pressure and keep your home exactly the way you like it.

We are a person/individual focused business that puts you in the centre of the service we deliver. This means that we understand that you have your own way of doing things and so we take careful note of your preferences and requirements. You will be in control of the services you receive and we will endeavour to meet your own personal standard of housekeeping.

We would be happy to provide a free assessment and consult on how best to support your domestic needs.


Care Home or Home Care?

According to research and publication by the NHS, going into a care home is a major commitment – it involves changing where you live and potentially paying a lot of money for your ongoing accommodation and care needs.


The best advise is to consider alternatives which are effective and efficient as well as less disruptive; before making an informed decision.

Most people go into a residential or nursing home for the most reason which includes; demand in care delivery at home or when discharged from hospital could be daunting, and as such, the only option is a nursing home or residential care home.

Our expert advise is that you need to consider certain factors which includes cost of living in a care home against cost of receiving the same or even better level of care at the comfort of your home.

Consider the disruptions to your daily activities and routine as you will be one of many being cared for in the same facility as against your personal carer (s) in the comfort of your home and care package structured around your routine and lifestyle.


This is why at Ornate Healthcare, our starting point is listening and getting to know you so we can tailor your care around your individual needs. We provide the full range of care services in the home, from the round-the-clock support of live-in care through to visiting support when you need it most, whatever time of day or night. By choosing us over a care home, you are confident there will be constant care and companionship from a carer who is completely dedicated to you.

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